Safety Management

Anyone can build an app and offer air charter services. But very few charter air companies actually operate their own airplanes, and only a select few do so under an approved Safety Management Program that meets the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Before a TapJets aircraft is released for flight, it undergoes extreme scrutiny regarding its maintenance status, inspections, and overall performance. If at any point we find an aircraft is not within our safety margins, it simply does not fly.

Of course, the best safety device on an aircraft is an experienced pilot. All of our captains are required to hold Airline Transport Certification and have worked at major air carriers for thousands of flight hours before joining the TapJets team. Our first officers are required to have more initial hours than prescribed by regulation, and they are paired with experienced captains to ensure each of our aircraft is piloted by the best at all times. Our pilots also undergo rigorous, airline-quality training conducted by Flight Safety International every six months, and Federal Aviation Administration-approved Check Airmen conduct line checks on each of our captains and first officers on a regular basis.

Aircraft / Partner Selection

To serve the entire nation, TapJets partners with carriers that share its focus on safety, on-time dispatch, service performance, and spotless safety records. Because these partners provide their aircraft and pilots to transport TapJets clients, we require that they operate under the same standards, regulations, and processes as we do. We also insist that they agree to random safety and line checks performed by TapJets management and qualified Check Airmen. We take pride and responsibility for each of our flights, and we go out of our way to ensure that our partners do the same.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our partner carriers, please visit the Partners section of this website.

Safety Leadership

At TapJets, safety is paramount. That’s why we have as our leader in this department a pilot with one of the best safety records on the books. Terry Chatwell joined TapJets after more than 37 years of ensuring that American Airlines planes are safe to take on any mission. Terry applies the same concepts of zero tolerance for potentially unsafe equipment that he applied in his nearly four decades at AA to his current work with TapJets on aircraft maintenance and safety operations.

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