JetShare™ Community Rules and Guidelines (Effective March 1, 2020)

 This document is intended to explain the process, rules, and guidelines of the JetShare platform and community operations.  Your registration for and use of JetShare states that you have read this document, TapJets EULA, and our Privacy Policy.  You agree to abide by these rules for as long as you are using JetShare or TapJets services. JetShare is a registered trademark of TapJets. JetShare and TapJets are used interchangeably in this document.


  1. What is JetShare and How it Works?

 JetShare is a crowdsourcing service that allows members who have purchased a verified private jet charter flight and operators of the flight to offer them on a per-seat basis to the JetShare Community.  There are two type of flights: (1) Hosted flights are offered to members by another member (Host) who does not mind sharing his existing (booked and verified) trip with community members. (2) Curated flights are offered by community administrators based on the route popularity or request of other community members.  


  1. JetShare is Compliant with the Department of Transportation Rule 295

 The Department of Transportation Rules and Regulations Statue 295.5(h) treats the hosted and curated flights offered on JetShare as a “Single Entity Charter” where “individual passengers self-aggregate to form a single entity for flights to be operated using small aircraft” under 60 seats.

 In curated flights, JetShare is offering its members a technology to self-aggregate under the above rules. At all times while providing this technology JetShare is an indirect air carrier (broker) of the flight as described in the DOT rule.


  1. JetShare Community

 JetShare service is only available to vetted and approved community members.  To become a member, you have to apply or be invited by another community member.  Once approved you will be able to pick a membership tier that fits your travel needs and reserve seats, join or initiate flights on the JetShare platform.


  1. How to Join

 You must complete a brief form to tell us about yourself, your private travel objectives, and brief experience in private flying.  The objective of the application process is to give us the ability to conduct a basic background check for the safety of flight and community enjoyment purposes.  While we do not disclose the exact criteria, we reserve the right to approve, reject, or suspend members if we believe their conduct is a risk to the safety of flight or is detrimental to the peaceful enjoyment of our services by other community members. The information you provide, our decisions and communications are strictly confidential and are not shared with any other members community.  Once approved you can join as a basic member or as a host member which will allow you to reserve seats on any of the JetShare listed flights, and if you are a host then you will be able to offer any of your flights on JetShare platform so that community members can join your flight. 


  1. JetShare Flight Board

 List of flights available on our website or in your mobile app.  These flights will have either fixed pricing (Hosted) or sliding scale pricing (Curated) and are available for reservation.  In order to see details of each flight, you must be an approved member.


  1. JetShare Your Flight

 You can offer seats on a private jet charter flight regardless of where you have purchased your flight as long as we can verify that the flight is operated by a regulated air carrier certified to operate for hire flights by the appropriate authority for the country where the flight is being operated.  You must provide proof of booking and appropriate confirmation at the time you submit your flight for listing on the JetShare platform.

 You must be a Host Member of the JetShare community in order to list your flight.  In all such instances, TapJets acts as a technology partner allowing you the Host to utilize our platform to find people who are going to share this flight with you.  The definition an authority for this operation is defined in the Department of Transportation section 295 as follows:

 TapJets charges you a transaction fee for each seat sold and confirmed in the amount of 5% of the amount you have accepted as payment.  An additional 3.5% credit card processing fee is added if the transaction is settled by a credit card.  All proceeds, less the fees, will be transferred to your account upon completion of the flight.  


  1. How to Initiate JetShare Flight

 If you believe you have a flight route that others like to join, you can use our Instant Booking app to search for the options and then send a quote to our JetShare ops team.  We will provide you with the best options available and discuss listing the flight on the flight board.


  1. How to Re-Sell or List Your Seat

 If you have a confirmed seat, which is nonrefundable, that you would like to re-list for sale, you should contact the JetShare ops team and request a listing of the seat.  This option is only available to VIP and Host Members.


  1. Minimum Seats Required

 On some of the flights offered by JetShare, there is a minimum seat required in order for the flight to be confirmed.   This is done to ensure that there is a sufficient number of passengers committed to cover the costs of the flight.  Your reservation on such flight will not be confirmed unless the minimum required seats have been sold.  For the flights that do not meet the minimum seat requirement prior to 72 hours from departure, JetShare will cancel all the bookings and remove the flight listing. 


  1. Sliding Pricing Scale for Curated Flights

 For Curated flights, the price per seat is an equal share of the total flight cost divided by the number of seats booked.  So as additional reservations are made, the per-seat price is reduced and if you already hold a confirmed seat the price you will be entitled to a refund for the reduced amount.


  1. Cancelation Policy for Hosted Flights

 Once your reservation is confirmed by Host the reservation becomes not refundable.  You are welcome to transfer the reservation to any other person with the Host's approval.  In the event of the host canceling the offering or a flight you will receive a full refund.


  1. Cancelation Policy for Curated Flights

 Curated Flights are subject to a minimum seat required provision.  Once the minimum number of seats is reached all reservation becomes non-refundable.  However, if you are a Pro Member you may offer your seat for sale as a JetShare seat to others for any amount you wish.  Regardless of the cancelation policy, the amount you pay for a seat on a curated flight is an equal share of the total flight cost divided by a total of seats booked.  Your final price will always be the lowest price based on this provision.  If the minimum seat provision is not reached 72 hours before the flight, all pending reservations will receive a full refund.


  1. Cancelation Policy for Membership Dues

 You can cancel your JetShare membership at any time by emailing  Once we receive your cancelation request, we will terminate your membership beginning the next billing cycle.  If you have any pending reservations, they will need to be completed before we can cancel your membership.  We reserve the right to limit your re-registration for services to 3-6 months from your cancelation date to prevent misuse of the membership model.


  1. JetShare Rights of Refusal

 We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any community member for any reason.  If your membership is canceled by JetShare or TapJets you will receive a refund for any unused portion of the membership.  While it is very unusual for us to cancel a membership, we may do so if we believe a member being a part of the JetShare community is not in the best interest of other community members or the company.  In all such cases, we will discuss the matter with you before making this decision.

 We reserve the right to list any flight for any reason.  JetShare administrators have absolute power and responsibility to ensure that each flight on our platform meets the company standards and the expectations of our customers.  Therefore, if an administrator determines that the flight offered by Host is not within the operating guidelines or we have information about the operator that is of any concern to safety or operation of the flight, the administrator will refuse to list the flight.  In addition, JetShare administrators may screen the passengers for each JetShare flight and when appropriate refuse a booking from a member if any concerns for safety exist. 

 If your flight is not approved for listing or you have been removed from the flight, you will be notified by the company with as much explanation as possible while also ensuring that security and safety processes are not disclosed in a way where they may jeopardize future operations.


  1. In-Flight Conduct

 We like to promote time saving and democratizing of private jet travel, at the same time we want to ensure that privacy and peace of mind of each JetShare member are protected.  The following are the guidelines that apply to all JetShare community members:


  1. There should be absolutely no soliciting of passengers on the flight with any offers unless the involved passengers have previously conducted business or are well known to each other. Any un-wanted or harassing contacts with passengers are subject to immediate cancelation of the membership without refund.
  2. Seat assignments on private jets are on first come first serve bases. Whenever the dispute in seating arrangement arises, the priority will always go to the person who booked the flight earliest.  Any escalated dispute that will require interference from JetShare or flight crew can result in your membership being canceled.
  3. JetShare and crew can deny boarding to any community member that is intoxicated to the point where the flight crew believes he/she can be a danger to the flight safety.
  4. Disclosing the names of the fellow community members or passengers on the flights is strictly prohibited.
  5. Taking photos of community members on the plane or otherwise without their permission is strictly prohibited.
  6. If you have purchased seats on the flight for you and your friends/family and do not travel on the flight you must request approval from JetShare administrator to ensure that we only offer seats to members. Resale of a seat to other non-members without the approval of JetShare is not authorized and will not be honored.


  1. JetShare Member Profile and Information Sharing

 JetShare will not share your information with anyone without your authorization.  So, we have given you the tools to make sure you are in control as to what information is shared with JetShare community members.

  In your JetShare profile, you can mark information as shared or hidden.  This information includes things such as your name, nickname (if you prefer), phone, email and links to your social media profiles.  You can edit this information and add missing links when appropriate.

 There are two instances where we will share information that you have approved for us to share with other members.


  1. When you make a reservation for the Hosted flight, we send the information that you marked as “show” to the Host to allow him/her to review this before accepting your reservation.
  2. When you book a curated flight, we may include this information in the trip sheet for each passenger so they have at a glance view of whom they will be flying with.

 TapJets will never sell, share, or use your information that is not described in this document.  We are committed to safe and comfortable flying and your privacy.


  1. Late or no show for a scheduled departure time

 Private jet flying offers the most flexibility and time saving when it comes to getting from point A to B.  However, the nature of sharing a flight with others requires us to be considerate to other members who planned and arrived on time.  Please make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your departure.  The crew and captain are instructed to depart on time and without delays.  Unless other members agree to a delayed departure, please expect that each flight will depart on time and without delay.  There will be no refund issued for missed flights.  If you are running close to departure time and will not be there 15 minutes before the flight, please call our concierge desk or text us to make sure we are aware of the situation.  However, other than providing communication to the crew and other members, we are unable to guarantee that the flight will be delayed accommodating your late arrival.


  1. Operator Direct Pricing for Charter Flights and Empty Leg Flights

 JetShare members are able to book private jet charter directly from operators for a fixed fee of 5% or 0% for Host Members.  Simply use our Instant Booking to initiate your request by searching for a flight.  Send us your Quote right from the app and if you are a JetShare member we will reach out to you with proposals spanning over 1000+ operators in the US and even more Worldwide.  


  1. Fees charged by JetShare on your reservations.

 In order to cover expenses of operating JetShare Community and Platform the following is a list of fees that may be applicable to your flight:  For paying or accepting a credit card as a payment for a seat a processing charge of 3% will be assessed on each payment.  JetShare also charges a wire transfer fee of $25 to send proceeds of the seat sales to the Host of the flight.  There is a convenience fee of 5% to the Host and 2.5% to the Guest of each flight.  All reservations are subject to assessment of Federal Exercise Tax (FET), and passenger segment fees. Flights outside of the US may have additional customs and handling charges. These fees are not included in your membership dues.