Thank you for your participation in TapJets Flight Auctions, here after "Auctions". Auctions are only available to registered users. By registering, you agree to the Auctions Terms & Conditions below and TapJets EULA. Registration is subject to verification of the information provided by the registering user.

The following describes the terms on which TapJets offers you access to our services.

Our services are available only to individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Without limiting the preceding, our services are not available to minors. If you do not qualify, please do not use our services.


Make sure you only bid on the flight if you can depart between the dates and time shown in the auction. You will be able to specify the pickup time, but it can only be between the hours shown.

There are NO REFUNDS for flights sold at the auctions. Please bid responsibly. If you have any questions please use Ask Us before you place your bid.


All of the flights offered by TapJets platform are subject to regulation by Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Safety Administration rules. All Operators are FAA Certified Air Carriers and are authorized for on-demand transportation of passengers and cargo, hereafter Operators.

Each auction contains a "Buy It Now" price and "Reserve Price." Operators of the flight set their price based on their pricing methods and demand for the aircraft that is being offered.

When Reserve price is reached, TapJets Auctions activates a One-Hour countdown. During this time we notify all of the interested parties that there is a qualified bid and that they have One-Hour to place a higher bid. If no bids received the person who’s bid is the highest will be the auction winner.

All flights won are subject to final confirmation by an operator which will arrive shortly after auction ends.


Placing a bid without intent to purchase is fraud. We reserve the right, and you explicitly agree and authorize us to charge your credit card for the amount of purchase equal to your winning bid amount.

Once a bid is submitted, it cannot be canceled. If you are the highest bidder, you are obligated to complete this transaction. TapJets reserves the right to reject or void any bid if it finds it was made in error or not in good faith.

TapJets reserves the right to alter closing times, reserve price, departure and arrival times, and all other aspects of the auction. If such is done after the bid is placed, the bidder has the right to withdraw his bid.

At all times before auction closing, TapJets may remove the auction and cancel all the bids if it finds that Operator is no longer able to complete the flight.

Flights, equipment, and accommodations descriptions are written by the operators. TapJets is not responsible for their accuracy. Bidders who need additional information regarding any specific flight should use ASK US form so we can connect them directly with the crew.

Winning bidder agrees to accept FBO and ground logistics selected by Operator. If Winner wants to change destination or departure FBO, they are expected to pay the difference in handling, parking, and fuel costs

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