When & Why Two pilots are better than one. Las Vegas Event Traffic. Delays in SFO, BOS, JFK



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Dear jetsetters,


I have been asked why some charters offer only one pilot and is it safe and legal to do so?


In short, few models of airplanes are certified by authorities for Single Pilot Operation. This means that the aircraft has equipment such as advanced auto pilot, controls reachable by single pilot, and workload during emergency that can be handled by one pilot.


In addition, pilots who are flying jet aircraft are required to be tested and certified as Single Pilot Operation Capable.


However, I personally do not advice on having just one pilot for any trip that is over 1 hour long and definitely not in the jet aircraft.


In the event of emergency having two qualified pilots allows for separation of tasks, meaning that while one pilot takes care of the flying second pilot is taking care of the issues at hand.


Depending on how high you fly that day, there may be not enough time for a single pilot to do all the job.


There are also other reasons such as potential health issue with single pilot, and workload of the airspace – like in New York for example that could be a factor in single pilot operation.


All of these concerns favor a Two Pilot operation.


So, if you have been offered an aircraft with a single pilot and your flight is over 1 hour long, consider asking for another pilot and enquire about the related cost.


The best safety equipment you have on the plane is a qualified pilot. Two pilots are even better.


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And now for my Broker Viewers.


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Welcome to the first week of October.


Las Vegas conventions are in full force during this month. The city is home to over 3 conventions per week in October and this is reflected on the movement data and pricing for the airports in the area.


Las Vegas and Henderson Airports fees have been slightly raised in the last week and North Las Vegas airport has increased fuel prices to almost as much as Las Vegas main airport.


This will be impacting your landing fees and fuel surcharges on trips to the area.


There are great deals on empty legs out of Last Vegas to almost any major part of the country. However, there is no demand for them.


Average number of planes parked in Las Vegas is increasing.


So, our advice for Las Vegas bound requests- is to book them early, and possibly in a one-way configuration with a great deal on a return one-way when your client is heading back.


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October 04, 2019