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In today’s episode. We will share with you when it is the best time to book your private jet.

If you are a broker, we will show you what the next week in charter looks like, and if you are an operator, we will get you up to date on where it is best to park your jet for maximum profits.

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As you may know from our preview video, our segments are for three kinds of audience. For jetsetters, air charter brokers, and air carrier operators.

We want to share with you the insights that are particular to your field.

So, lets begin!


For my Jetsetters. I am always asked a question: how far in advance should you book a jet to get the best value? The answer is: within 72 hours before your trip. But no later than 24 hours to departure.

You definitely don’t want to do it on Weekend!

The options available may not be reasonable and you will get very few responses.

Most of the time you will have much better pricing and many more options to select from in the last 72 hours.

How do we know this?


Companies like TapJets have built an Artificial Intelligence technology that tracks, evaluates, and predicts where the jets will be, how are they concentrated, how they are priced, and where they are flying to next. With the data from dozens of reliable digital sources I am able to share with you what is happening and when. For example, your price may vary if one part of the country is oversaturated with jets and the part you are flying from or to has no planes. SkyWizard is the product that you will see lot in these videos, and it tells us the best price and availability ratios when you are ready to book.


And now for our Charter Broker audience we like to give you a quick preview of what is happening and what is it going to look like in next episodes.

Going into the week of September 13th, the requests for jets outnumber availability almost two to one this week, with most of the inventory concentrated on the South East and East coasts. Brokers looking for charter aircraft in Upper Central and Western states are expected to see slight price increase as the inventory is out of position for a normal September pattern. Also, West and Upper Central US have seen a modest fuel price increase that will drive up charter quotes for the upcoming week.

If you are a charter broker and want to suggest what data will help you sell more flights, please comment bellow and we will make sure to include it in the next episode.


Fellow operators, this may be an interesting week for companies with light and very light jets. You should be aggressively quoting Central and Western states. There is very little price competition this week.

Also, of interest is that there’re a lot of Mids and Heavy’s concentrated in Southeast and Eastern part of the United States. If you are in Texas / Dallas / Houston area and you have a Mid or Heavy jet, you shall be shooting to get about 12-15 percent premium on each quote. This is based on demand over the supply ratio.

And, if you are positioned on the West Coast or Chicago, then you shall have no problem getting out of there with a full fair quote. However, it’s a different picture on the East coast, as lots of jets are being routed based on client / hurricane movement. If you are a floater fleet, don’t get caught in the usual Miami/ New York locations as they will see a huge surplus of planes by late Thursday of this week.

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September 12, 2019