Unusual Private Jet Requests And Purposes

People don't always book private jets for getting from point A to point B - sometimes an on-demand jet can be useful for other purposes. With our extensive experience in the private jet industry we have seen it all - and want to share the most unusual customer requests with you!

Private jet for sightseeing tours

A surprisingly popular request for smaller jets and helicopters.  Many people book a private jet to enjoy the view of many popular landmarks from above. Coast areas in particular are popular.

Private jet for medical purposes

Be it life-saving medicine delivery or sick person transportation - nothing can beat the convenience and reliability of a private jet. Most of the heavy jets offer lay-down options for bedridden passengers and most of the private jets in general offer wheelchair accessibility.

Private jet for body transportation

It is a sad and unfortunate truth that in COVID-19 times requests to transport bodies have become more common.  When using a private jet one can be sure that the deceased will be handled with respect and compassion.

So when you have an unusual request, please don't hesitate to reach the private aviation professionals. We will do our best to assist you and help with any issues you may encounter.

May 21, 2020