How TapJets® reduces pilot workload and is making your flight safer?

   Robert (Bob) Klumb has been a commercial pilot since 1967. He retired from United Airlines as a Check Airman (giving pilots their type ratings in Boeing 777 and 767). Bob is an EVP of Operations at TapJets, he helps his fellow captains in the field with our technology. Here is a small note from Captain Bob:

“By giving your captain and first officer as much of relevant flight details as possible, TapJets reduces pre-flight excitement and workload on your pilots, making your flight safer.

Pilots in private jet charters have a challenging task, their most vital role is conducting a safe flight. Their second and sometimes just a bit less important role is to ensure that your journey is a pleasant one and that you are satisfied with your charter.

Pilots workload is an important safety factor and the secret to a successful flight is the detailed flight preparation. This includes having information about the flight conditions, airports, terminals, and just as important the clients that will be flying and their expectations.

When preparing for departure, things such as unexpected luggage count, client arrival times, special considerations such as preferred beverages or allergies all add workload to flight preparation.

Pilots love using TapJets trip planner summary because it relays all the information ahead of time. The Concierge team at TapJets uses the app and web as well to secure the client profiles and relays this information.

This ensures that when you arrive at the airport your crew is well prepared and is not being distracted by potential surprises.

While it is a small reduction in workload, the collective smoothness of the process makes flights safer and more pleasant. Not to mention that TapJets clients don’t have to consistently re-iterate their preferences, transportation request, and other items that tech company like TapJets should

March 27, 2019