TapJets – Private Jet Instant Booking Platform Announces reaching its Round “A” funding goal and release of “SkyWizard” operator sales optimization platform.

With strong support from the investment community around the world TapJets has reached its goal in raising Round “A” investment round. This is coupled with the major advancement in private jet flight sales addition to its platform. Now aircraft operators can fully automate quoting and selling their flights by using TapJets® SkyWizard™ functionality.

HOUSTON, TX - June 11th, 2019, since its formation in late 2015, TapJets has consistently introduced innovative technologies to simplify booking of private jet charter. Today TapJets has taken a giant leap by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to fully replace quoting and selling functions that operators typically do to book their flights.

"With hundreds of thousands of flight requests being directed to private jet charter operators, we wanted to make the operators more efficient by leveraging our platform and other aircraft within the platform to win more trips", said Eugene Kesselman, CEO and Founder.

SkyWizard™ is designed to complement current solutions being used by air charter companies. The requests from charter brokers, clients, and other operators are analyzed by trained artificial intelligence system designed to optimize aircraft movement across the country. The system increases aircraft utilization by 15-20% which translates to improved operational performance and margins for the operator and aircraft owners.

            “We want operators to spend more time in the air instead of in front of their quoting screens” said Bob Klumb, SVP, and co-founder of TapJets. “Our technology can handle 95% of the requests from brokers and other sources in real time. That stands for more bookings and more revenue hours flown.”

With the new functionality and additional funding, TapJets continues to expand its “Virtual Fleet” of aircrafts that can be booked instantly on a moment’s notice.

About TapJets

TapJets is the world's only true on-demand private jet booking platform. TapJets focuses on the user entire experience of private travel. They begin by offering a simple, easy-to-use app that handles the routing, booking, and all other details. From there, all guests have to do is show up. You can learn more about TapJets here, and its platform available through the Apple and Google Play store, as well as its website.


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June 12, 2019