On-Board Fine Dining - What Food Do Private Jet Passengers Prefer?

Most of the flights are two hours or more - and it's expected that passengers might get hungry! We have analyzed over a hundred flights and compiled this list of favorite foods. Maybe this can give you inspiration on what to order next time you fly private.

  1. Tea and pastry tray.

Simple, yet classic - tea with pastry is our customers' favorite! Pastry tray includes homemade muffins, croissants, and freshly-baked Danish pastry.

  1. Fruit and cheese platter.

A light snack preferred on short flights. A perfect choice to accompany a bottle of sparkling champagne.

  1. Sandwiches.

Portable and perfect for a large group! Our finger sandwich platter is a favorite of on-board conference attendees. A more simple Croissant sandwich is a breakfast classic.

  1. Pizza.

Loved by both kids and adults, pizza is a popular request. We have served Domino's, Italian, Kosher, and Vegan pizzas, and that's only the ones we can remember.

  1. Steak.

All kinds of veal and pork steaks and even fish steaks with customers' favorite side are widely popular for long-range flights. It's an excellent choice for an onboard dinner!

May 28, 2020