Lavatories on Private Jets. Bookings in October. Floating Fleet vs. Non-Floating Fleet Utilization



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In this weekly Episode for Thursday, October 10:

The potty talk or all about lavatories on private jets;

Brokers see increased bookings in October;

Floating Fleet Utilization is double digits over Non-Floating Fleet.

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Dear Jetsetters, perhaps, not so glamorous topic for private jet travel, but the one that is worth talking about.

It is about Lavatories, Potties, and Johns on Private Jet Aircraft.

When you are in the small or even large tube flying at forty thousand feet, you may want to use one, right?

You should be aware that depending on the private jet you are flying it may come with one of the 3 types of lavatories:

Partially enclosed,

Fully enclosed,

and the one with a sink and mirror.

If you are not comfortable handling your business!!! behind a curtain, then you should avoid these Light jets.

Or you can jump in small Phenom 100, which offers Enclosed Lav with a hard door - if you prefer smaller cabin aircraft.

Most of your Mid-Size aircrafts will have fully enclosed lavatory, and Large aircrafts will have one where you can look at yourself in a mirror.

Keep in mind that if you are a man, standing up… is only an option in Super Light jets and above size aircrafts.

Since most of the light jets are just five and a half feet in height.

So, now when you plan to travel for over an hour you know how to pick a jet that will not send you BACK to potty training.

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And now for my Broker viewers.

How are you guys and gals? Just as predicted, the sales in October are on the rise, are you getting a piece of the action?

Our TapJets’ Sky Wizard platform is blowing up with information with requests. After separating the “fishing” from real requests, we see a huge spike in bookings. If your business is not seeing the gains, call your marketing and sales meeting TODAY.

Requests in the West are up 21 percent.

Requests in South-East are up 13 Percent.

Request on the East Coast are up 8 Percent.

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Dear Operators, welcome!

If you are in the West, you should be flying your wings off. Worst time for maintenance of the plane, as you can be making a killing flying in October. If you’ve watched previous segment for brokers, you know what the stats are.

Do you float your aircraft or always quote back home?

If you are in Home Based or Owner Approval market, you are missing out. Your aircrafts are going to be underutilized for the remainder of the year, and you should seriously consider floating the airplanes.

When compared by category, Light Jets that float across the country have 12 percent higher utilization.

Midsize Jets see 17 percent higher utilization.

And if you are in the Heavy Jet category and you don’t float it, you are missing out on 37 percent increase in Utilization.

If these differences mean profits to you, you should consider floating your aircraft for the remainder of the year.

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October 10, 2019