Major air carrier delays and thousands of flight cancelations - excellent test for private jet instant booking capability, with private jets departing from New York, Miami, and Chicago on less than 2-hour notice

   While not for the average traveler, on-demand private jet charter options can be reasonable if the total cost of renting a private plane is shared by a group of people using a JetShare service like the ones offered by TapJets.

   Today, according to The Spirit airlines canceled nearly 300 hundred flights, in addition to 165 that did not fly on Sunday. And according to the Dallas Morning News, despite the clear skies in Dallas, 270 American Airlines flights are staying put. In total, on Tuesday, there were over 1420 flights canceled by major airlines.

With people stuck in major airline hubs like Miami, New York, Dallas, and San Francisco, they are looking for options to get to their meetings, home and maintain social distance in overcrowded airports.

   The events become an excellent opportunity for private jet charter options like JetShare to be put to the test.  With people able to share and split the cost of renting a private jet, they are grabbing the seats in volumes and leveraging our platform to share their private jet charter cost.

   Thanks to almost six years of technology and innovation in the private jet charter, JetShare can put people on luxurious 8-14 passenger popular private jet within just 2 hours or less from booking.  This includes confirming each seat with the flight host and ensuring that all of the logistics are in place for Argues Gold and Platinum operators to proceed with the flight. Now we are talking time in the air instead of overcrowded airports or airport hotels.

   JetShare was developed before COVID-19 days, and we have not actively marketed the on-demand ability to purchase and sell seats to others. With the exception of the few social media posts on Twitter and Facebook this cost effective way to leverage private aviation. At present only current clients and few word of mouth members have enjoyed ditching their private jet card and utilize this alternative to private jet charter services.  But today marks the most active day for JetShare, with members signing up, getting the best jet charter prices, splitting the time with their friends or their social clout, and snapping up empty leg flights to Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Houston, and New York. Who could have thought about air charter or private jet rental on a short notice?

   JetShare is a crowdsourcing service that allows members who have purchased a verified private jet charter flight and operators of the flight to offer them on a per-seat basis to the JetShare Community.  The service is also used by charter brokers and other operators. There are two types of flights: (1) Hosted flights are offered to members by another member (Host) who does not mind sharing his existing (booked and verified) trip with community members. (2) Curated flights are offered by community administrators based on the route popularity or request of other community members

list of flights from New York Miami and Dallas offered on JetShare

   We are excited to see clients looking for alternatives, and we believe that we are the only company with the capability to get the aircraft booked, confirmed, and flying within just a few hours, if not minutes.

August 03, 2021