Private Jet Charter Cost – Most Accurate Pricing for Chartering Private Jet in 2021

     Since there is no simple online charter flight cost calculator, we crunched the numbers on over 580,000 private jet price quotes since the beginning of this year in a quest to determine “How much does it cost to rent a private jet?”  

   Chartering a private jet will cost you a bit more in 2021, much more than you would have paid for a flight in 2020, but only a few percent higher than in 2019.  The usual suspect routes from New York to Miami, New York to Los Angeles, and from anywhere to Aspen or Las Vegas have seen surges during the event weekends and vacation peak days. With fewer private planes for sale, chartering is starting to heat up again. So here is what the US market looks like at the end of Q2.

   We are excited that after six years of offering private flights on the most prominent virtual fleet in the world, our Best Price Guarantee Promise is stronger than ever.

On-Demand Charter (Uber of private jets) – simple online booking is guaranteed to have you flying away on 4-hour notice or less for regular clients.  Current going rates are:


Aircraft Type



Light Jets Per Hour



Mid-Size Jet Per Hour



Heavy Jet Per Hour




The prices above have been “surged” during some weekends on the Miami, NY, Los Angeles routes, and we have seen surge pricing upwards of 40% premium. Price does not include landing fees or overnight stays.


Jet Card or Membership Options – is designed to minimize the surprise element when the aircraft you are booking is not in the nearest airport.  Unlike On-Demand, you don’t have to pay for the positioning of the plane if you have to prepurchase the time.  You technically pay for the time you fly regardless of where the aircraft is coming from. However, there are still some restrictions; you may be charged a fuel surcharge in some airports, blackout dates, and other program-specific costs.   



TapJets® Rewards

Wheels Up*

Magellan Jets (Elevate)**

Sentient (SJ+)***

Membership Fee




Not disclosed

Light Jets Per Hour





Mid-Size Jet Per Hour





Heavy Jet Per Hour






25-hours minimum. No blackout dates. By invitation only.

No block time purchase required

10/50-hour programs with pay as you go available.

25-hour minimum commitment


Sources: Wheels Up Pricing: and **Sherpa Report *** Sentient Jet


Safety of Flight – the above prices are based on FAA certificated air carriers aircraft that maintain Argus and/or Wyvern Gold or Platinum ratings and are subject to industry audits.  In addition, TapJets operates the industry’s most comprehensive audit program and provides you with an audit report before each flight.  Each of the competitors listed here uses the same charter flight operators that service the US market. The price simply becomes a component of the best logistics and search/booking platform on the market. This is where we excel, and our prices speak for themselves. 

June 07, 2021