Getting to the Super Bowl LII in Style and On-Time

TapJets Super Bowl

With over 1500 private jets expected to land at airports near St. Paul's Holman Field, just the landing fees alone ($1,000) will bring in over $1.5 million in fees to the local airports and FBOs.

At TapJets, we have made several strategic decisions to ensure our customers have just as an enjoyable arrival and departure, as they do attending the big game. So here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

On the game day, you won't be able to land or takeoff from 3:30 PM to the end of the game.  From that point, your departure will be within fifteen minutes of your assigned time slot, which will be coordinated with you after you book your flight.

You also want to make sure you have transportation to and from the airport that stays coordinated with your flight crew.  If you have booked our door-to-door service, this process will be handled by your TapJets Concierge with constant updates to your mobile phone using our app.

The teams playing this year have huge fan bases. The flights are booking up incredibly fast, so it's prudent to make your travel plans in advance.  Our plane tracking database is already showing a shift in available planes towards the Boston area with almost all of the large and medium jet inventory showing several flights to the Twin-Cities in a single 24 hour day.

If you're looking to arrive to the big game in style this year, book now!

February 02, 2018