Flying into Aspen Colorado. Holiday Forecast for Brokers. Upcoming NBAA Conference for Operators



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In today episode we will cover:

All about flying into Aspen Colorado

Holiday Forecast for Brokers

Upcoming NBAA Conference for Operators

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Dear Jetsetters,

With skiing season approaching and the temperatures falling in central US we like to share with you some tips that will make your trip to the mountains much more enjoyable and less surprising.

Most of the skiing resorts are situated in the mountains, which means landing in high elevation airports.  In addition, ice and snow on runway is possible, and finally cold weather brings overnight icing possibility on the day of departure.

These factors have a huge impact on aircraft performance for landing and takeoff, and could add significant costs and delays to your trip.

Here is how you can avoid some of the surprises.

First, plan on arriving and departing just after lunch time. This allows the warm air to lift some of the adverse weather conditions at the airport.

Also, departing after lunch could potentially save you thousands of dollars on de-icing fees that are prevalent on morning departures.

If you check the weather and there is a snowstorm, or the operator believes there is an issue with landing in Aspen due to weather, make arrangements for transportation in the nearby Rifle airport.   It is equipped with a precision landing system and is located in an easier to land area.  You will save thousands not having to circle Aspen in the air for a few hours and will be at your resort just 15 minutes later, which is the difference in the SUV ride between the two airports.

Last point to mention: if you are flying a small or medium jet with a large group of friends or family, consider shipping your ski gear or renting a nice set from local Demo Rentals. Luggage size and weight is limited in High Altitude airports, you would save yourself lots of hustle by shipping skis or boards directly to your resort.

Hope that with these tips you are now ready to reach the slopes safely and hassle-free.


Welcome to my Broker viewers.

The indicators of supply and demand continue to peg the needle on demand outrunning supply in the next two weeks.

So, we wanted to take a moment and look at another indicator for this year - Holiday travel. The amount of bookings for the week of Christmas and New Year is on the rise this week. This is relatively early compared to last year. So, it may be worth sharing this information with your clients who typically travel during this period.

California and Arizona have been singled out for holiday bookings being higher than last year. While it is too early to call it a trend, the numbers surely point to the increase in the last few weeks.

Please also consider watching the first part of this video with tips on flights to Colorado as they were prepared based on the increase in demand and the lower bookings to Aspen with folks booking to Rifle instead.

If you will be at NBAA convention don’t forget to stop by TapJets booth and check out he analytics in real time.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

October 18, 2019