Flight Attendant's Duties On A Private Jet

As you may know, we have recently launched a world's first Flight Attendant Instagram contest. In the light of this event, we decided to tell you what exactly a flight attendant does on a private jet.

Preparing meals.

Usually, when catering is delivered it is all packed up and doesn't look so good. The flight attendant's job is to unpack and present it. If something needs to be reheated or mixed the flight attendant also takes care of it.

Assisting passengers.

The flight attendant's most important job is to make passengers feel welcome. If they require a blanket, a cup of tea, or any other assistance - the flight attendant is ready to help!

Making beds on long flights.

Some of the flights can take up to 13 hours and, naturally, passengers might want to sleep. The flight attendant will help the passengers make their bed for long flights.

Medical assistance.

Most of the flight attendants have a first aid training, so they can help passengers in case of emergency. If you have a condition that may need some special medical attention, it's always best to let us know beforehand!

So, the flight attendant is one of the most important crew members - they are the ones responsible for the "private jet" experience! They are here to make your flight the best it can be.

June 23, 2020