The End of Fractional's

It's a great time to be an innovation leader in the private jet charter market and airplane management space.  The report from Argus praises the continuous growth in the industry, a whopping 2.6%!  

Everything would have looked ordinary except for the double-digit red number in Fractional aircraft activity.  That's right, the large jets Fractional segment is losing market share to a larger and more easily sourced selection of aircraft in Part 135 (Charter) pool, in addition to a modest number to people whose friends have an aircraft (Part 91).   If you consider that it's a buyer’s market out there for large jets, then the Fractional ownership segment is in a world of trouble.

Source: Argus March 2018 Business Aircraft Activity report

TapJets has spent last two years building technology that is ready to support former fractional owners that are rapidly exiting the Fractional black hole.  How? By engineering the technology that guarantees the ease of booking and same as fractional accessibility to a private jet without having to spend hundreds of thousands upfront to gain that privilege.

We encourage you to ask yourself:   If you can pick up your smartphone and within 1 minute (or less) have one of over 1700 aircraft booked for your next trip, without membership fees, jet cards, or costly fractional maintenance, why would you ever get locked into a Fractional agreement ever again?  But that’s not all, when you add the value of TapJets Rewards program you will actually save thousands of dollars - the more hours you fly, the more hours you get back!

Welcome to the new era of private aviation where you are in control without having to lock up your financial resources or make financial commitments.  Welcome to true freedom of private flying!  We are not democratizing private aviation, we simply make it more efficient and convenient.


by Eugene Kesselman, CEO TapJets Inc.
April 11, 2018