What Does Donald Trump’s Show "Apprentice" Have To Do With Aviation?

The connection between US President and private aviation is closer than you think. What does he and his show "Apprentice" have to do with it?

First, you should know what a waypoint is. A waypoint is a geographic coordinate in the sky. When you take a flight, the FAA assigns you an airway, and there are waypoints along with it. There are around 37000 waypoints in the US only.

Each waypoint has a five-letter name. And sometimes they are named as a tribute to various famous people. For example, there are ANNII and LENXX waypoints above St. Louis.

So what does Donald Trump have to do with the waypoints? Well, let's go back to 2004 when he became famous for starring in "The Apprentice" show.  His catchphrase "You are fired!" became a meme - and was made into a waypoint name. There are three waypoints near Palm Beach: DONLD, TRMMP, and UFIRD.

June 02, 2020