What is a Blockchain and how TapJets uses it?


Contrary to popular belief, Blockchain is not Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. The blockchain is a record keeping system that only records information if more than a predefined number of independent computers have verified it. Once that data is recorded, it cannot be deleted or changed. Most importantly, the details of the recorded information can be seen by everyone as one system of truth..

So why does TapJets use Blockchain and how it ensures that your personal information is not on a Blockchain?

First, when we look at what makes up a charter flight from origin to destination, it is a series of transactions between you the client, air-carrier, fuelers, terminals, air traffic control facilities, and many other service providers who participate in making your trip happen. To ensure your safety and comfort on your private jet journey, we have to make sure that all of these folks are on the same page. In Blockchain jargon, this is called a “smart contract.” This allows us to ensure that everyone is doing their part, even if you are going to be a little late for your private flight. This also allows us to audit pilots, planes, and the operator’s licenses that will be flying you. Including their data that confirms the insurance company records on Blockchain. Lastly, everyone can confirm that the funds are secured in escrow and ready to be paid once your flight lands.

Second, while everyone on the Blockchain has access to all the information needed for your private jet flight, they do not have access to your name or any other personal information. This information is only used by TapJets accounting, and Operator in compliance with TSA regulation. Once all has been verified by using a separate secure system, you then become what is equivalent to a "Swiss bank account number” or think of it as “Passenger 1.” This ensures that if you are a VIP who does not want paparazzi to know you are arriving for example at noon, and no copies of your ID or credit card information floating in a limo driver's text messages that were sent to the driver by a broker. If the limo driver needs your phone number, or pilots need to contact you, should be directed to our Concierge Team, with background checks and security access. The Team will make sure to relay the message to you directly.

So now you know that Blockchain can be used in a way that is not related to Cryptocurrency exchange and trading. But if you are into Bitcoin, and other coins, you are welcome to book your next flight using your favorite crypto asset.

March 07, 2019