Top 7 signs you are working with reputable air charter broker

Top 7 trends of a good charter broker

   Private jet charter involves collaboration of many professionals to ensure that your charter flight proceeds as smoothly as possible. Among the key players in the chain of events are private jet charter brokers. They connect private aviation buyers and sellers and are able to find optimal flight based on your mission and air carrier availability. So what are the top key metrics that define good and reputable air charter brokers?

   1. Tenure in the industry
As with most industries and job functions, when it comes to buying and selling air charter services, the years of experience matters.  Established brokers will have long term relationships in the industry. He will be able to leverage these relationships with charter operators, and local services that are involved with aircraft operation.  This specifically comes handy when you are dealing with international flights and foreign air carriers. 

   2. Memberships
When it comes to chartering a private flight, there are several key industry organizations that provide wealth of connectivity and offer a multitude of classes and support to aircraft brokerages. National Business Aircraft Association is one of the oldest organizations in the industry, they do a good job of ensuring that the roster of their members represents the folks who are actively involved in the industry.  You can search their site to check if your broker is listed and how long he has been listed with the organization.  You should also look at Better Business Burau records for the broker which will give you insights into any complaints or praises the broker may have received.

   3. Timely Response
Nothing is more annoying than booking a private jet flight with a company that is slow to respond to queries and requests.  A reputable broker should have sufficient staff and technology that allows them to quickly respond to each client request and minimize interactions by keeping a good customer profile of “needs and wants” that ensures that your requests are anticipated for every flight.   It is also important that your broker has flight support staff to track and verify that logistics, transportation, and other services are being conducted in sync with your movement.  Flight tracking, notifications, and special requests should be handled instantly and around the clock. 

   4. Transparency of Transaction
Air charter brokers are subject to Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation Rule 295. These regulations are designed to protect you and ensure that brokers are transparent and provide you with proper disclosures about your flight.   Brokers should be open and transparent about the cost of the flight, broker fees, who operates the flight, any safety or other known concerns about the flight, and cancelation policies.  This level of oppenes and transparency from your private jet charter broker is a good sign that you are working with a reputable broker.  You should question your broker if you are not getting this information and consider shopping for other options.

   5. Clear Cancellation Policies
Depending if you purchase a one way, routrip, multi-leg, or empty leg flight, your ability to cancel and get a refund may vary.  Before you book, your broker shall clearly explain in writing what options you have to cancel your flight.  You can also ask your broker if they offer cancelation insurance for the flights and the terms under which such cancelation coverage is offered.

   6. Use of technology
In the United States there are over 1100 private jet charter operators that are certified under the FAA Part 135 (for hire) rules.  They collectively operate over 3700 aircraft from pistods to long range jets.  These planes are constantly in motion around the country’s thousands of airports.  The ability to find the aircraft that meets your needs at the nearest airport to your departure location is nearly impossible without use of the technology.  Most reputable brokers subscribe to software and tech or work with companies like TapJets to source the most cost effective aircraft for your needs.  TapJets for example processes over 1700 aircraft requests per day, and offers brokers the best possible option for their request, saving them hours in searching across other platforms.

   7. Safety Audit Disclosures
As we have discussed in previous posts, Safety of Flight is fundamental to each private jet charter, and your broker must at the minimum have access to safety audit reports of each aircraft, pilot, and air charter operator that will be involved with your journey. More advanced brokers have their own database of air carriers with notes related to their on-time performance, mechanical cancelations, and other data, that enhances safety audits beyond the standards offered by Argus and Wyvern companies.

   In summary, there are many good and reputable brokers in the private jet charter industry, but it is always worth looking closely at the 7 key indicators, to ensure that your private charter exceeds your expectations while being fairly priced, and operated to the highest safety standards.


August 20, 2021