Top 3 Factors That Determine The Cost Of Private Jet Charter In 2020

Avoiding the crowds by booking a private jet is the ultimate feeling of luxury and comfort. However, most people have no idea how much a private jet charter actually costs.

While private aircraft travel is getting more affordable by the day, the actual cost can vary wildly. So much so that it can get confusing and overwhelming even for those with some experience.

We’ll walk you through every step of the process, but first, let’s address a common misconception. When buying jet time, you usually get to choose from the following three options:

Here’s the deal though: it doesn’t matter which one you choose as far as the cost is concerned.

So what really drives the numbers? There are three main factors and that’s precisely what we’ll cover in this post.  

  1. Location, Location, Location

Private jet pricing is actually like real estate. It’s all about the location.

Your fare can change considerably based on the following factors.

Getting your desired plane at the nearest location means you will end up paying a lot less. On the other hand, if it has to travel a significant distance to get to you, that will drive up the private jet rental price considerably.

Using technology to find the closest aircraft that is available for air charter service is becoming the norm these days. If your booking service has direct access to a fleet of private planes in real-time, it can rack up your savings quite fast.

However, jet card users don’t have to worry about these factors, as this cost is built-in with the premium.

  1. Age Of The Aircraft

There are 3 major components to operating a private jet:

  •     Cost of the aircraft and maintenance
  •     Fuel
  •     Crew/operator salaries and expenses.

The cost of new jets is paid off over their lifetime. The hourly rate of each aircraft depends on how often it is used and how steep the manufacturing cost was.

An expensive aircraft that is underutilized will cost more. The per-hour fare of these jets is significantly higher than other options.

However, you can still find a few bargains out there. The manufacturing price of an aircraft is spread over the hours flown. So if it is used more often, the hourly fare can decrease by quite a bit.

  1. Safety Standards

Organizations with the best talent, top training, and clear safety protocols are without a doubt the safest to fly with.

They also have a higher standard of service because:

  •     They have fewer cancellations.
  •     They go above and beyond the client's expectations.
  •     They hire happier and more invested crews.

Reputable companies have a long safety record. We highly recommend checking that record before making a decision. Such companies also employ veteran pilots with decades of experience to ensure the highest standard of the crew.

However, companies with the best reputation, jets, and crews usually cost a lot. On the other hand, cheaper private jet charter companies are known to compromise on their security protocols.

So at the end of the day, it is important to find the right balance between cost and safety. Needless to say, safety should be your top priority.  

The performance monitoring of air carriers is also worth considering. It is equally important as a safety rating. Why? Because it gives you a clear picture of the quality of service.


If you are looking to book a private jet, we highly recommend that you consider these factors to get the best deal out there. While it can take a lot of time, it’s not entirely impossible.

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April 14, 2020