TapJets joins Ethereum ($ETH) EIP-1559 #LondonHardFork to further leverage speed and efficiency when booking private jet charters


   TapJets passion for new technologies and disruption of the private jet charter industry is further accelerated by the new cost-efficient Ethereum network. Now pricing, selecting, paying for your private jet charter is faster, simpler, cheaper, and more secure than ever.

   MIAMI, USA - August 5th, 2021, TapJets joins the Ethereum EIP-1559 London Hard Fork as the first private jet charter booking platform to fully transition to the new network. 

   TapJets, one of North America's leading private jet charter providers, is excited to announce that they have transitioned all Ethereum based transactions and JetCard programs to the new Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 compliant addresses and protocols.

   Clients can instantly realize savings from more transparent and efficient transaction fees charged when paying for a private jet charter with Ethereum and passing the transaction fee savings to our clients.

   "We are excited that #LondonHardFork now offers our clients more transparency and substantial savings when it comes to cryptocurrency payment transaction fees," said Eugene Kesselman, Co-Founder of Tapjets. "Now our clients can decide as to cost and speed of their payment when using Ethereum, and this translates to more control and substantial savings to our clients."

   Since its inception, TapJets pioneered the private jet charter industry's acceptance of digital currency as a payment for air charter services. The company currently accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero and conventional forms of payments. TapJets platform allows instant booking and confirmation of private jet charter by completing the entire booking process in less than a minute. Accepting cryptocurrency is essential for clients to forego using bank wire or credit card companies that cannot function adequately for large amounts and after-hours transactions. 

   TapJets offers VIP clients the ability to book via Signal messenger and stay completely confidential through the entire experience on the platform. Each client gets a unique digital ID that allows us to keep within guidelines and regulations while keeping their information secure and private.

   For more information about TapJets, please visit www.tapjets.com or Signal @ 888-500-4385

About TapJets

   TapJets is the world's only instant on-demand private jet booking platform with guaranteed low prices for private jet charters in the US and Worldwide. TapJets focuses on the entire user experience of personal travel. We begin by offering a simple, easy-to-use app that handles routing, booking, and all other logistics details. TapJets offers an industry-leading Rewards Program and a dedicated 24x7 concierge staff for each trip. You can learn more about TapJets here and its platform available through the Apple and Google Play store, as well as our website.

August 05, 2021