Private Jet Charter Options – when charter brokers face their Ai Tech colleagues in 2019

How is TapJets different from using a private jet broker?

Ever since we launched our offering, I’ve been asked this question dozens of times. So, this is my attempt to answer this question as we review the function of a broker, how chartering a jet happens, and how TapJets has changed the process.

Charter Brokers have been around for as long as private jet charters were offered to the public. They play an essential role in saving client time by reaching out to air-carriers to determine which airplane is available and at what cost. With the advance of technology, brokers have access to different listing engines that allow them to send requests by email or bulletin boards (trip boards) to companies who operate the planes. Not every operator responds, and not every operator responds quickly. Once the broker receives responses, he or she then add their profit to the quote and presents it to the client. The client signs, faxes, scans, or otherwise executes the charter contract which is sent to the broker. The broker then collects the funds from the client and passes the rest of the funds to the operator. If the time from the quote to the signature is longer than a few hours, the broker usually has to verify that the plane was not sold to any other operators. Many reputable brokers also use third-party companies such as Wyvern or Argus to ensure that the operator is vetted to their audit standards. It is no secret that the above process can take hours and sometimes days to complete.

The TapJets Platform was built with one simple premise; that the above broker process is inefficient and is time-consuming. We made the process Uber-simple. First, once you download the TapJets app, you are directly connected to the inventory of available aircraft. Just like yourself, operators also have access to TapJets platform, and are able (just like an Uber driver) to show their aircraft as possible, were available, and if they are ready to accept the flight. Third-party auditors vet each operator (same as brokers) and, must pass maintenance and financial obligation checks before being available for you to book. Finally, when you confirm your flight, that plane is yours, and all you have to do is add passengers and head to the airport. TapJets charges a fixed fee for our services and provides you with free flight hours rewards from these proceeds.

In summary, just like airlines have switched from customers purchasing tickets from travel agents to doing business directly with airlines, TapJets is doing the same. In addition, just like airlines, the savings are distributed as reward hours to incentivize loyalty and repeat travel.

Book your flight with TapJets and see for yourself how we have revolutionized the jet booking process where you the client gets to save time and are always provided with the best flight option.



by Eugene Kesselman, CEO TapJets
May 14, 2019