Picking your private jet airport when flying to Miami

   If you are looking for a convenient way to travel and arrive in Style in Miami, there's no better option than hiring a private jet charter for your next trip to Florida. You'll be able to get where you need to go without any hassles or delays. But to make your private flight even more productive, we wanted to look at your Miami airports options to minimize your time spent in traffic or getting from point to point in the city that offers excellent food, entertainment, beaches, and cultural adventures.


   Miami International Airport is located in Miami-Dade County in the city of Miami, FL. The airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, with passenger traffic totaling over 105 million annually. It is the primary international airport in southern Florida and a major gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean. It is heavily utilized by air charter and commercial aircraft operation. 

The Miami International Airport is the closest airport to Downtown. It's located just on the northwest side of the city.  

   Over 1000 Miami private jet charter operate in and out of MIA each month. When you are ready to charter a private jet to MIA make sure that our Concierge is aware of your transportation needs so that we can arrange planeside pickup once you arrive at your destination FBO.


   Formerly used by the air force and navy, this airport has the most efficient layout and easy access for any size of the aircraft you can imagine. It has some of the most opulent private terminals to make up for the neighborhood.  

   The airport has a great maintenance and private aviation support network making it a local “jet owners” hub. It is home for the Grant Cardone 10X chopper, and Miami-Dade police helicopter operations and over 80 part 135 aircraft operators fighting to accommodate your next charter flight.  Always something fun to see on your next flight from Miami.

   This airport is located in a less desirable city area of Miami, Florida, and if you are being whisked away by a limo or black SUV, then, for the most part, you will not notice.  The location of this airport allows for quick access to Sunny Isles, Bal Harbor, Aventura, and Golden Beach; however, as rush morning traffic gets worse, so too does the drive time, which could be more than 30 minutes to reach some of these destinations.  

   It is recommended that you check ground travel times when picking this airport. If you picture the map of Miami, Opa Locka airport is equal distance and centrally situated between the Miami Downtown and Fr. Lauderdale airport. 


   The Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport is an international airport in South Florida located in the city of Fort Lauderdale. The first airport to be constructed on the site was named Cockroach Bay Field. The airport opened in 1938, and it was recognized as the world's busiest airport for a short period during 2001-2002.

   The airport is located approximately 7 miles away from the city center of Ft. Lauderdale and about a 30-45 min drive (without traffic) to downtown Miami. Unless your trip is taking you beyond Boca Raton, FLL is within 20 miles from that city location.  Above that and towards West Palm Beach you should consider BCT or PBI airports.

   When booking your private jet charter to FLL, you may be rewarded with lower charter costs when compared to a major airport like MIA.  This is due to less traffic and the lower cost of jet fuel at the airport.  The airport hosts almost every FBO chain operating in the US and offers the quickest customs services in south Florida. Pick FLL if you are arriving from outside of the US.


   FXE is a smaller and cozier general aviation airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is about 6 miles and across the highway from the main FLL airport. It is primarily used by corporate aircraft and private jets, as well as for charter operations.

This airport is a better and always most cost-effective private jet landing scenario arriving in the Miami area.  

The airport also has a rich history reflected all around and on the walls of the private terminals.  

   We advise that you check up on which terminal you will utilize as there are many options from big chain operated to mom and pop owned FBOs.

   Some fun facts about  FXE are: Construction of the airport began in 1927 on a site consisting mainly of marshland. The airport itself opened in 1928 as John U. Lloyd Beach Airport. It was later renamed Bonnet House Airfield after nearby Bonnet House, a mansion built by New York architect Addison Mizner. It is one of the oldest constantly operating airports in the United States that offers both commercial and private charter services. 

   This summarizes some of the key points to be considered for your next private jet Miami adventure.  As always, you can rely on our Concierge service to handle all of the logistics, including transportation, or ensuring that you have access to our partner operator's fleet of vetted and safety rated light jets, midsize jets, long-range jets, finding you an empty leg flight, or any other related air charter services.


August 24, 2021