Jet Dollar Check - Bankrupt or Financial Difficulty Check for Air Charter Operators and Brokers

Updated May 4, 2020

In recent weeks, we found it even more important to rely on financial reporting and monitoring to ensure that your charter executed without any possible problem or delay. Since 2016 TapJets built a technology that augments typical safety checks for each private jet charter operator with additional financial stability reports. You can read more about our safety verifications and how we assure that each private jet trip vetted using our most advanced safety augmentation system.

Our mission is simple - We always make sure that you fly with an air-carrier that is reputable and fiscally stable. Because your trip is the most important one each time you fly.

We have found it essential to start this update page to keep track of financial concerns we locate and company operators or brokers they impact.

CompanyMonitored Event and Links

Superior Air Charter LLC
JetSuite Air
JS Air

4/28/20 Dallas, Texas - After two weeks of suspended operation JetSuite filed for bankruptcy. Complete Filing in US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware

RWS Charter LLC 

4/13/2020 Decatur, AL (Huntsville Jet Port) - King-Air operator filed for bankruptcy protection in US Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama

Miami Air International Inc

3/24/2020 - Miami, FL - Known for operating an airliner and VIP Boeing aircraft fleet for team sports events and groups of 10-168 filed their petition in USBC for the Southern District of Florida

Embark Air Club Inc.
Elevation Air Club (DBA)

3/27/2020 - Portland Oregon -  Servicing Sun Valley, Telluride from California region, this membership/jet card and charter broker filed for chapter 7 protection in USBC for the District of Oregon.   Their membership page shows the rates comparison for their membership. 

Paragon Jets
(alert only)
USAC Airways 691 LLC

3/12/2020 - Allentown, PA (Teterboro, NY) - Company operating a fleet of Challenger 601 aircraft was picked up by SkyWizard with zero flown flights and a critical drop in Dun & Bradstreet Score. In former pilots of the company are now showing up on other operator rosters.  If you have more information please let us know so we can investigate. On January 8, 2020, all of the planes were flown and parked in KSFB. 

Royal Class (DBA) EMEWAY LLC

7/9/2020 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FXE) - based in Argentina, the Company is offering illegal charter on N registered Challenger 601 aircraft.  N141NB.  Our security check system flagged the contract where Company was Using Avinode engaging in bait-and-switch by substituting an AOC aircraft with a non certified and non conformed Challenger.  The pilots on itinerary provided by the Company belong to another operator (which has a great standing and reputation) but pilots at the airport will be different.   If you have been a victim of the above please contact us so we can add that flight to our data set.  


May 06, 2020