Inside Look - How Private Terminals Elevate Experience of Jet Travel

For private jet-setters and folks who are just curious about private jet travel, the main benefit of this mode of transportation is time savings, mobility, and efficiency.  While in most cases you will arrive at your jet doorsteps, sometimes you may need to leverage other amenities in private airports that could simplify your business or pleasure trip.

When arriving or departing by private jet charter, you most likely will be visiting a private terminal called FBO (Fixed Base Operator).  These folks provide amenities for private jet travelers as well as infrastructure to support aircraft and pilots.  As a traveler, you can use these amenities to relax prior to your flight, you can coordinate logistics such as your golf bags or equipment delivery to them, or you can use their lavish amenities such as conference rooms and workspaces if you need to conduct quick fly-in business.

So in case you ever wondered what is one of these FBO's looks like, with the help of a Texas-based  Austin Executive Airport and their cutting edge new website you have an unprecedented Virtual Reality tour of their terminal.   I hope you enjoy the tour and book a jet to this wonderful and very efficient FBO.


Courtesy of Austin Executive Airport Management

January 28, 2019