Is your private information protected when you charter a private jet with TapJets?

Is your private information protected when you charter a private jet with TapJets?

   When you use private jet charter services, how can you be sure that your digital breadcrumbs and your personal data are secured or, even better, destroyed at the end of your charter flight?

   Some of the world's most affluent and celebrated individuals utilize air charter services as an alternative to commercial air travel to maintain their privacy. Their assistants, agents, and even themselves share their personal information (travel plans, date of birth, and passport details) with air charter brokers. Then information collected then flows to private jet rental operators, flight support services, and authorities. In casually doing so, the ability to track who has what information, how this information is stored, or what protection it will receive becomes impossible,

   Remember those times when you had to take a picture of your passport and send it to your air charter broker? Now ask yourself, "Where is this information now?"

   While we believe that every company that receives your personal information is taking steps to safeguard it, we think you deserve to know the details on how your data is protected and handled at TapJets.

   Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Payment Card Information (PCI) are a "trophy game" for bad actors. If you are a person of wealth or fame, this information also extends to your addresses, frequently traveled locations, what airport terminals you use when you fly private. Even what hotels the transportation companies are dropping you off at.

   If you've seen a paparazzi showing up at more than one of your destinations, or photos of you arriving posted on social media, it is time to question why or what happened with your data.

   By the way, here is an interesting article about a Hedge Fund company tracking private jet charter flights to get insights on a stock trade.

   At TapJets, we have a full-time CyberSecurity team dedicated to data security and safekeeping of any piece of data related to private jet travel. 

   For us, it starts with completely encrypting any information you provide to us and storing it in several different data centers from east to the west coast, one digit at a time. Hackers would have to break into all of them and then into your smartphone (or computer) to retrieve your data.

   We only display your information to our staff with an absolute "Need To Know" reason and only when it's related to your current booking.

   We don't transmit your PII or PCI to anyone outside of our network. You get to have total privacy without worrying about anyone else knowing where you're going, staying or what you're up to.

   To further illustrate this point in an example, the airport terminal at Los Angeles (FBO) has absolutely no reason to know who is arriving. The limo driver in New York only needs to know how many people came, on what aircraft, and at what time. 

   Because we use proprietary technology to automate the sharing of this information, we only send this information just in time to ensure you're properly taken care of. 

   Finally, once you have arrived and been picked up, access to this information (links) are removed from the individuals who no longer need to know.

   You may use cryptocurrency to make your transaction more anonymous, and we can arrange for you special VIP treatment. Signal is an encrypted messaging app that allows us to communicate without the worry of being hacked, which will ensure the security of our travel plans and destinations while in transit.

   Your privacy is at the core of private flying. When it comes to TapJets, your data is yours, and no one needs to have access unless it is for your sole benefit. No memberships, no jet cards, 

   Your privacy, safety, and security are essential to us. We work hard to ensure qualified people and our technology defend the information you shared with us. We still comply with the proper transition of operational controls, foreign air carrier rules, and international travel visa requirements.

   If you like to learn more about how to travel without leaving a digital "footprint," contact your Aviation Consultant at TapJets. We guarantee that you will always have access to the best charter prices, empty legs, and VIP door-to-door service when booking your next private jet charter.

August 27, 2021