What To Expect When Flying Private With Pets?

First of all, let us share the good news - most private jet operators are pet-friendly. In all our experience we have rarely come across non-pet-friendly jets. Each day more and more operators become pet-friendly, due to the very high demand for such flights. Based on our data, approximately every 6th passenger is traveling with their pet!

Pets are welcome and respected on private jets. They can be cage-free, regardless of their size, and they, of course, stay with their owner the whole time. So, flying private is a viable alternative for those who are worried about their pet's safety in the luggage compartment.

There are no special requirements for the pet to be allowed to travel. The pet has to have a veterinary passport and all mandatory vaccines. If you have an exotic pet, for example, a snake, lizard, or a parrot, you need to make sure that it's legal to transport it across the border in case of an international flight.

The only downside to flying private with pets is that if your pet damages the jet, you would have to pay for it. But if you know that your pet has anxiety, it's possible to keep it in a crate of a cage, and no additional charges will be made.

So, if you are planning to travel with your dog, cat or any other pet (or pets - there is no limit!), you should consider flying private!

June 16, 2020