Celebrities That Fly Their Own Jets

Most celebrities fly private - but some have taken aviation as a hobby and fly their own jets! Here are some of the celebrities that are also pilots.

  1. John Travolta

This list couldn't start with anyone else - Travolta is a well-known aviation enthusiast.  His house is located at a private airport, and he has a runway long enough to land his Boeing 707. He also owns and flies a Challenger 601, an Eclipse 500, and many smaller jets!

  1. Angelina Jolie

The famous actress has started flying in 2004 as a birthday present for her son Maddox and has been flying her own jet ever since. She is a proud owner of a Cirrus SR22 aircraft.

  1. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman served as a mechanic in the US Air Force and has considered becoming a fighter pilot. When his acting career took off, he hasn't abandoned his passion for flying and got a private pilot license. Getting a license is hard enough, but you would be impressed by the fact that he got it at 65!

  1. Tom Cruise

Actor, famous for his role of pilot Maverick in Top Gun, is also a passionate pilot in real life. Although he doesn't own an F-14 "Tomcat", his collection includes a Gulfstream IV and a WWII plane P-51 Mustang. Cruise himself admitted that getting the P-51 was his childhood dream.

  1. Harrison Ford

Famous for the role of a starship pilot Han Solo in Star Wars, Harrison Ford started flying at 54. Since then, he has occasionally made headlines with crashes and unauthorized landings.

June 11, 2020