Welcome to PlaneFactor

Aircraft Flight Scheduling

Real-time schedule view of aircraft movement for sales, dispatch, pilots, and mechanics.

Aircraft Time Log Tracking

The first in the industry fully automated Aircraft Flight Log system that includes fuel tracking, flight time tracking, and pilot duty and qualification tracking.

Fuel Tracking

Captures both fuel tinkering and fuel management based on mission, pilots, flight profile, and cost factors. You will always know the real fuel burn and its allocation to revenue and nonrevenue flights. Crew & Flight Expense Management

Aircraft Maintenance Management

Real-time view of aircraft maintenance status with "looking forward" capability and early warning system. Completely replaces PlaneDocs, CAMPS, and any other similar systems.

Crew and Flight Cost Reporting

Capture every receipt, every hotel invoice, every fuel or airport charge in real time. Use built-in camera to track all of these items, and how they have been paid for. Alert the crew of special cost/purchase provisions and contracts.

Global Virtual Fleet

Be a part of a global calendar of jets and pilots, a system that connects everyone to deliver most efficiency for every asset aircraft you own or operate.

For Part 135 Operators: PlaneFactor eliminates every single paper process involved in Part 135 flight operation and replaces it with real-time document exchange systems. Solution fully meets FAA requirements for digital document management and tracking.

For Part 91 Operators: PlaneFactor ensures that every flight in your part 91 aircraft conducted within regulations, and gives you real-time visibility into operations of your aircraft by anyone who is traveling or leases it from you.

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