What TapJets does to ensure safety of my flight?

Safety is in our DNA, and as a technology company, it is in our code, on our servers, and with you on-board of each flight.   Our founders with stellar careers as airline captains with over 40,000 hours of flight time each at United and American have infused their zero-tolerance for errors approach for every flight that we book for you.  We believe in a system of risk identification (symptoms), and mitigation before trip ever departs. 

With over 1100 companies operating private jets in the USA alone, without automation, this task is daunting, so we built a system that consistently ensures compliance.  Here is a brief look at how it works: 

Before we allow you to schedule an aircraft from your smartphone, we assure that the company that operates the flight is in good standing with FAA and or ICAO regulators  We verify their insurance policy to see if their coverage is current and sufficient. We look at their claims history to see if any concerns may be related to safety.  We then take a close automated look at their financials, credit reports, and tax filings.  Any signs of trouble in finances could mean shortcomings in maintenance or training of crews.  

Once the aircraft is assigned to your flight, we subject it to an automated audit of it's flying history. We look for any incident history, prior mechanical issues, time in service, refurbishments, and any possible maintenance items that may be due before your flight.  We also look to see if any flights were "canceled" due to maintenance issues on this aircraft. 

As soon as a crew is assigned to your flight, our systems automatically gather the information about their experience, making sure they are appropriately qualified for the type of aircraft they are flying, that they have flown sufficient hours in this particular type of aircraft, that their training is recent and finally that they hold proper medical certification.  Finally, we look back at the last 24 hours of the crew to ensure that they had adequate rest to conduct your flight. 

We have partnered with Wyvern LLC to fetch some of this information from their proprietary PASS system.  We also connect to government databases from FAA and ICAO, private maintenance tracking systems, operator scheduling systems, aircraft tracking systems, credit reporting systems, and many other data sources so that we can consistently, accurately, and efficiently make sure that we know absolutely everything about the safety of your flight before it takes off.   As a result, if there is a concern, we will make sure you know about it, and we take steps to resolve it way before it becomes a safety issue.