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Aircraft Types We Fly

By being a TapJets customer, you have access to a variety of private jets in each category. TapJets sells flights by category and not by particular aircraft model. This approach gives us the flexibility to bring the closest aircraft that meets the size for your mission without having you pay for moving a specific aircraft to your location.  Without having you to pay for moving a specific aircraft to your location.  

We charter Turbo-Prop, Light Jets, Medium Jets, and Heavy Jets in our own and partner fleet.  When you book with tapjets, an aircraft designated by category will be dispatched to complete your trip.   For example, if you book in the Light Jet category the aircraft that will be dispatched will have adequate seating but may be Cessna, Falcon, BeachJet or another light jet.  By bringing the nearest suitable category aircraft, we save you the cost of chartering a specific plane that is located miles away and having you pay the positioning cost.

Each aircraft we operate or book is maintained and operated in accordance and with oversight from Federal Aviation Administration and only in compliance with safety and regulation for air charter carriers.

You can find out more about different aircraft categories on our fleet page.