Can you bring firearms on a private jet flight or hunting trip?

So you are planning a hunting trip, and you’ve secured a private jet charter directly to the ranch’s private airstrip. Can you bring your guns with you?

The short answer is Yes all you have to do is ask. But here is a more detailed explanation that will get you checked in and on your way without any delays.

Flying with firearms is legal and relatively easy with some preparation on your part. Know the laws, rules, and regulations, have your luggage set up correctly, and above all have a friendly attitude.

Rule #1. Please let us know ahead that you will be bringing firearms. We will work with the operator to ensure everyone is aware of the precious cargo.

Rule #2. No concealed and loaded guns in the cabin. If the airplane is small and you can assess baggage, then triggers must be locked, or weapons must be in cases.

Rule #3. Guns, rifles, or any other device that shoots must be unloaded and in its own case. Ammunition should be in separate containers or boxes. There should be no loose ammunition.

Rule #4. You must check with the County, State, or the Country to where you are going about their rules and regulations related to bringing guns to their jurisdiction. You are responsible for knowing the laws and regulations.

Following these simple rules will allow you to enjoy your hunting trip or have your personal protection with you when you arrive at your destination.