General Questions

How Does Tapjets Work?

TapJets is a quick and simple booking app for your private travel needs.

We offer three options for services.

Door to Door - this service is designed to take you from your doorstep to your destination.  With few taps on your device or online, our software will handle both ground and air transportation to get you to your aircraft on time.

Airport to Airport - this service is designed to arrange private jet charter between two airport locations pf your choice.

Flight Auctions - for folks with flexible schedules, Air Сarriers and Оperators offer deeply discounted flights for sale on our auction platform.

All of the services are available to form your smartphone or by booking here.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 888-500-GETJET

How is Tapjets Different?

Unlike charter services, TapJets doesn't require membership fees, cards or rely on end-to-end outsourcing. We are with you every step of the way.

Another unique benefit for Tapjets customers is that they only pay for the time they fly.  The clock starts from the time you boarded the plane and the engines are started and ends at your destination when engines are shut down.  For more details, you can visit our charter contract document.  No other company offers customers the flexibility of paying only for the actual time flown.

Booking Questions

How Early or Late Can I Book a Flight?

Tapjets is available on-demand around the clock.  Using the app, you can order your flight in as little as two hours before departure. However, aircraft availability and position changes constantly so booking in advance gives you the largest price and selection flexibility.

Does The Price Include Taxes and Fees?

The prices shown in our app is for the entire flight for the aircraft, crew, fuel, landing fees, airport fees, and any other items associated with your flight.  What the price does not include and is shown separately is Federal Exercise Tax (FET)  of 7.5% and Passenger Segment Fee. of $4/per person.  We are required by the government to collect these fees in addition to your purchase price. You will see these amounts on details section of your booking screen.

What if I Need to Cancel?

Tapjets offers the industry's most flexible cancellation policy. Flights canceled 48 hours before departure are fully refunded to your credit card; flights canceled within 48 hours from departure are credited to your Tapjets account for future travel.

To cancel a flight request, sign into your App account or Website account. Go to the main menu and click on MY FLIGHTS. Choose the flight from the appeared list and press the "Trash" icon to delete the flight.

How Do I Give a Gift Voucher?

The best way to introduce your friends to TapJets is to give them a gift of flight.   By sending your personal voucher code your friends will be able to deduct $500 or 10% of their flight (whichever is less).

As a token of our appreciation, whenever your friend uses the voucher you have sent, we will also give you a $500 voucher towards your future travel. You can use this credit on any future flight, or you can collect lots of credits and pay for the entire flight.

The only limitation we have on these vouchers is that your friend can only use this type of voucher once.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.

You can check your account balance in your mobile app or web app under My Account.

Paying with Bitcoin

TapJets accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for your flight. When using our web or mobile application, you will be able to select Bitcoin (BTC) as your form of payment. Once you complete your booking, we will email you our BTC payment information and our system will be monitoring BTC wallet for the arrival of your payment. When we receive the coins, we will send you final confirmation for your flight with all of the airport and terminal (FBO) details.

Please note that Bitcoin payments may take up to 6 hours to confirm. If you are departing within 24 hours of your order, please contact our office to follow up on our receipt of the funds.

Paying with ACH or Wire Transfer

TapJets accepts ACH and Wire Transfers as a form of payment for your flight. When using our web or mobile application, you will be able to select ACH or Wire Transfer as your form of payment. Once you complete your booking, we will email you ACH or Wire Transfer information and our system will be monitoring our account for the receipt of your payment. When we receive the payment, we will send you final confirmation for your flight with all of the airport and terminal (FBO) details.

Please note that ACH takes three (3) business days to reach our account and Wire Transfers take up to 48 hours. If your departing within these times you may need to select another form of payment. For same day wire transfers, please contact our office for assistance.

About Your Private Jet Flight

How Early Should I Arrive?

You should plan to be at the airport 15 minutes before your departure. You will receive a flight confirmation with directions to a private airport terminal. The Same information is available in your mobile app My Trips section.  If you are running late, please let us know as soon as possible.  If we don't hear from you, we may depart to our next flight 60 minutes after your original departure time.

Flight Auction Questions

What is a Flight Auction?

You can take part in flight auctions both on mobile and on web.

When air carriers have to move a plane to their next flight or head to home base without passengers, they lose money.   So, it's only natural to offer this excess inventory for deeply discounted fares. Flight Auctions are designed to let our customers name their own price for these flights.

You can subscribe to get notified when your favorite city destination auction becomes available.  Then if time and date work for you, you can bid on the auction to get you there in style. Everyone wins.

Are Auction Bids for the Entire Plane or Single Seat?

When you bid on Flight Auction, you are bidding for the entire aircraft. This includes all of the seats listed on the aircraft posted.    After you, auction ends you will be responsible for $4 per person segment fee which is the government cut. This fee is only for the seats that will be occupied.

Flight Auction is designed to move an airplane from its location to next full fare flight.  If you like to be picked up from the departure airport that is beyond the driving distance of the auction you can purchase a transfer flight using our Flight Booking system.  This will connect the two flights into one journey that matches your travel plans.

How Does Bidding Work?

Each TapJets auction starts with a minimum bid of $250.  From there customers place incremental bids until the reserve price is met.  Once the reserve price is reached the system starts a  ONE-hour countdown. If no other customer places a higher bid, then the customer who is the current highest bidder wins the auction.

What is Reserve Price?

Reserve price is a minimum acceptable price established by the seller before the auction.  Due to strict confidentiality rules between our partners and different circumstances for each trip, we are unable to disclose reserve price for any of the auctions. 

If you don't see what you're looking for above, please contact us.

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