Safety Audits for Each Flight - Wyvern PASS Report

Each flight booked on TapJets platform is subject to a safety audit prior to your departure. We partnered with Wyvern Consulting that provides TapJets with real-time access to pilot experience and background checks, aircraft certification, valid insurance policy, and air-carrier credentials. A written audit report is available to our customers at no charge before every flight.

PASS stands for Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey.  This real-time report confirms the following information:

  • Verification that a charter operator holds a current Air Operating Certificate
  • Verification that the aircraft being chartered is listed on the air carrier's Operations Specifications
  • Confirmation of current insurance for the aircraft
  • Confirmation that each crew member's experience meets a specific safety standard
  • Confirmation that each crew member's medical and license information is current
  • Confirmation that operator has Civil Aviation Authority approval for international operations at chosen locations

Wyvern Consulting was the first aircraft safety auditing firm in the country. Providing services to operators in the U.S. and some parts of Europe, the company offers different levels of audits that comply with industry standards. Registered Operator is its entry-level program in which operators have their records on file in the due diligence-related Registered Standard PASS Program that Wyvern’s corporate, operator and broker clients have access to before a flight. Following the entry-level tier is the Wingman Standard, which only a fraction of operators maintains. Operators at this level adhere to specific processes and parameters that reflect the latest safety best practices. In May 2016, about 150 operators worldwide were members of the Wingman program.