How to Join JetShare

You must complete a brief form to tell us about yourself, your private travel objectives, and brief experience in private flying.  The objective of the application process is to give us the ability to conduct a basic background check for the safety of flight and community enjoyment purposes.  While we do not disclose the exact criteria, we reserve the right to approve, reject, or suspend members if we believe their conduct is a risk to the safety of flight or is detrimental to the peaceful enjoyment of our services by other community members. The information you provide, our decisions and communications are strictly confidential and are not shared with any other members community.  Once approved you can join as a basic member or as a host member which will allow you to reserve seats on any of the JetShare listed flights, and if you are a host then you will be able to offer any of your flights on JetShare platform so that community members can join your flight.