How to JetShare Your Flight

You can offer seats on a private jet charter flight regardless of where you have purchased your flight as long as we can verify that the flight is operated by a regulated air carrier certified to operate for hire flights by the appropriate authority for the country where the flight is being operated.  You must provide proof of booking and appropriate confirmation at the time you submit your flight for listing on the JetShare platform.

You must be a Host Member of the JetShare community in order to list your flight.  In all such instances, TapJets acts as a technology partner allowing you the Host to utilize our platform to find people who are going to share this flight with you.  The definition an authority for this operation is defined in the Department of Transportation section 295 as follows:

TapJets charges you a transaction fee for each seat sold and confirmed in the amount of 5% of the amount you have accepted as payment.  An additional 3.5% credit card processing fee is added if the transaction is settled by a credit card.  All proceeds, less the fees, will be transferred to your account upon completion of the flight.