How TapJets® reduces pilot workload and is making your flight safer?

March 27, 2019

Pilots in private jet charters have a challenging task, their most vital role is conducting a safe flight. Their second and sometimes just a bit less important role is to ensure that your journey is a pleasant one and that you are satisfied with your charter


Has your privacy been lost in private jet travel?

March 19, 2019

You may read news or gossip about celebrities and VIP's using a private jet to their destinations. What is worse is the lousy handling of the passenger manifests that exposes these folks to paparazzi, news reporters, and other unwanted persons. There is very little that has been done to protect your personal information in a meaningful way. When it comes to hiring a private jet, there are dozens of folks that typically handle your information. 


What is a Blockchain and how TapJets uses it?

March 07, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, Blockchain is not Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. The blockchain is a record keeping system that only records information if more than a predefined number of independent computers have verified it. Once that data is recorded, it cannot be deleted or changed. Most importantly, the details of the recorded information can be seen by everyone as one system of truth.

So why does TapJets use Blockchain and how it ensures that your personal information is not on a Blockchain?


Inside Look - How Private Terminals Elevate Experience of Jet Travel

January 28, 2019

For private jet-setters and folks who are just curious about private jet travel, the main benefit of this mode of transportation is time savings, mobility, and efficiency.  While in most cases you will arrive at your jet doorsteps, sometimes you may need to leverage other amenities in private airports that could simplify your business or pleasure trip.    -- VIRTUAL REALITY TOUR


First Time Ever: Flying inside a $50 Million Dollar Machine – A Private Jet

by David Molina - Executive Vice President   August 21, 2018

As I sat in the back of a luxury sedan on the way to Teterboro Airport, a sudden euphoric feeling hit me. A type of feeling that you’ll only feel a few times in your life. It’s so indescribable, that typing it out will absolutely do it no justice. Why was I feeling like an excited kid as if it were their birthday or it was Christmas day?