Extreme Tech Challenge and ACTAI Global Join Forces to Accelerate Web3 Global Conversations and Adoption Organizations to host inaugural Neckerverse Summit

NY City, New York, United States , Aug. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS – July 29, 2022 – ACTAI Global and the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) announced today their inaugural "Neckerverse" summit, bringing together leaders in technology, venture capital, and blockchain, with creators, conservationists and social impact professionals to catalyze Web3 (DAO's, NFT's Metaverse) projects focused on global good.

“Web3 is opening the door to a new, more collaborative era,” said Bill Tai, founder of ACTAI Global and co-founder of Extreme Tech Challenge. “We are bringing together people from a diverse set of areas that together can help us outline how to leverage this technology shift in impactful ways". Program topics will center on leveraging new "Web3" economic models to build products, services and technology that can enhance and accelerate a more equitable, responsible, and advanced society.

Neckerverse is an invite-only summit, held on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island in the BVI. TapJets, the leading crypto-native private jet charter company, has joined as the event’s sole Platinum Sponsor. “We are excited to sponsor this event to support the next generation of Web3 visionaries,” said Eugene Kesselman, Chairman, and CEO of TapJets. “At TapJets, we believe thoroughly in the power of technology to change lives. We are a crypto-native company because we know digital currencies and their sister technologies are here to stay. At the event, we plan to launch our industry-changing Jet Card that will accept payment in crypto and will have no blackout dates. In addition, we look forward to the discussions and the opportunity to create initiatives at Neckerverse.”

The Neckerverse summit will also host a Web3 showcase featuring 3 startup winners of the "Web3 Pitch Fest", a joint effort of the Extreme Tech Challenge and Coindesk. These startups were the stand out companies participating and presenting at the Coindesk Consensus Festival in June 2022. This first-of-its-kind global competition provided a platform for massively innovative Web3 projects and communities worldwide to reach the more than 14,000 attendees of the Consensus 2022 Festival.

“Our goal is to amplify the best and brightest startups across the metaverse, blockchain, crypto and decentralized tech sectors,” said Young Sohn, co-founder of Extreme Tech Challenge and founding managing director of Walden Catalyst Ventures. “From dozens of applicants, these three winning companies truly represent the future of Web3 and perfectly encapsulate XTC’s mission of positive impact.”

The three winners from the Web3 Pitch Fest to showcase at the Neckerverse event are:

Givepact: A free crypto fundraising platform for nonprofits that funds a community DAO for social impact.

Merkle Science: Next generation crypto threat detection, risk management and compliance for businesses, banks and government agencies.

Mona: The first platform enabling any creator to build, mint, and sell metaverse worlds, all accessible via the web browser.

The founders of these companies will present during Neckerverse to a global audience of investors, founders, venture capitalists and other leaders from over twenty countries. The participation of these winners was generously sponsored by Neckerverse’s sponsors, including TapJets, OneOf, Mission Gate, Mighty Buildings, FMFW.io, and NIMA Capital.

To set the tone, Bill Tai added "To the truly engaged, work and play are one and the same. Expect to have fun, in unexpected ways. Our mix of people as previously described, will be supplemented, as usual, with world class athletes that will inspire us all to be our best. We always bring together an incredible mix." This year's gathering will include professional kiteboarders Rita Arnus and Nick Jacobsson. Rita Arnaus, sponsored by Porsche, is a top ranked kiteboarder, on the GKA World Tour. Nick is an extreme athlete who has achieved milestones unmatched including flying off and safely landing a 210 meter jump off of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, as well as pioneering kite jumps off of the Great House on Necker Island at previous gatherings.

About ACTAI Global:

ACTAI Global is a 501(c)(3) based community of Athletes, Conservationists, Technologists, Artists, and Innovators with a charter to support environmental conservation and economic empowerment via entrepreneurship. ACTAI Global catalyzes community gatherings around the world, and has done so in locations including Barbados, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Morocco, Norway, Switzerland, and USA (various locations).

About Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC):

Extreme Tech Challenge is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation whose mission is to empower start-ups creating new tech innovations to address global challenges. XTC believes that it is the world’s largest purpose-driven technology ecosystem and competition inspired by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Extreme Tech ChallengeTM competition is supported by leading corporations, venture capital investors, foundations, policymakers, universities and tech conferences to give exceptional startups the potential for global visibility, the opportunity to raise capital, the ability to network with global leaders, and access to world-class mentorship to help them pioneer technological breakthroughs that address our most extreme global challenges. A complete list of XTC partners and how to join can be found at www.extremetechchallenge.org.

About TapJets:

TapJets is changing the way people book and travel on private jets. TapJets was founded on transparency, ease-of-use, and putting the control back in the hands of YOU, the flier. Our founders are all aviation professionals, bringing more than 120 years of aviation experience, which empowers us to offer top-of-the-line technology while also being deeply ingrained in the inner workings of aviation, from start to finish. At TapJets, we want to give power back to the flier so that you can choose the best travel experience for your particular needs. Our customers pay ONLY for the time they fly, and they pay much less than traditionally charged by air charter companies. Our leadership has over 120 years of combined aviation experience. Learn more about us at tapjets.com.

Maria Serafica – Event Director, Neckerverse; CFO, ACTAI Global: maria@seraficacpa.com
Victoria Slivkoff – Executive Managing Director, Extreme Tech Challenge: victoria@extremetechchallenge.org 
Brad Cohen – Executive Vice President of Sales, TapJets: brad@tapjets.com

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August 02, 2022