TapJets expands its Private Jet Offerings to Europe and MENA


TapJets brings instant booking and JetCard programs to Europe and MENA, expanding its network to an additional 5000+ airports and over a million flights per year in the fastest-growing market segments. 

Miami, Florida - January 12, 2023 – Since 2016, TapJets' innovation of private jet instant booking and the least restrictive JetCard program in the World is excited to expand its capabilities to Europe and MENA. With hundreds of completed charters in this growing market, it is now official that European and MENA clients will now have real-time access to personalized service and the ultimate jet-set experience. 

“Europe and MENA are ripe for innovation and modernization of the jet travel experience when it comes to booking a private jet. The aging broker infrastructure lacks access to inventory in real-time, and the "waiting for a quote" will no longer be necessary when you can pick up the mobile device, book instantly, and head to the airport,” said Eugene Kesselman, CEO of TapJets  

The European and MENA expansion comes with the industry's least restrictive Jet Card offering tailored to European and MENA markets with a locked price point that will withstand the test of fuel cost spikes and with guaranteed availability in all coverage areas. 

TapJets is looking forward to welcoming new jetsetters to its platform and, for a limited time, will offer perks such as free transportation and double reward points for every hour of jet travel. 

About TapJets 

TapJets is the World's only instant on-demand private jet booking platform with guaranteed low prices for private jet charters in the US and Worldwide. TapJets focuses on the entire user experience of private travel. We begin by offering a simple, easy-to-use app that handles the routing, booking, and all other coordination details. TapJets offers an industry-leading Rewards Program and a dedicated 24x7 concierge staff for each trip. You can learn more about TapJets here, and its platform is available through the Apple and Google Play store, as well as our website. 

January 13, 2023