Kelowna International Airport

Located in Kelowna in the Kelowna International Airport is perfectly suited for private charter out of Kelowna, British Columbia. The runway length 8900 ft is suited for any type of private aircraft. The airport operations office is located at Kelowna .


Kelowna International Airport Runways

RunwayLength (ft)Elevation (ft)
Currently there is no sufficient information.

FBO's at Kelowna International Airport

NameAddress TypePhone
Currently there is no sufficient information.

Last 5 Flight Auctions from Kelowna International Airport

From/ToAircraft TypeBuy It Now
HOUSTON - KelownaMid$18,000.00
CHICAGO - KelownaLight$19,000.00

Last 5 Price Requests from Kelowna

From/ToAircraft TypePrice
Kelowna - Puerto VallartaHeavy$75,956.67
Kelowna - Puerto VallartaMid$56,347.50
Kelowna - Puerto VallartaLight$51,209.17
Kelowna - BORA BORA, BORA BORA - KelownaHeavy$254,986.67
Kelowna - BORA BORA, BORA BORA - KelownaMid$183,417.20

Last 5 Price Requests to Kelowna

From/ToAircraft TypePrice
San José del Cabo - KelownaLight$46,984.17
DALLAS-FORT WORTH - KelownaHeavy$57,608.33
DALLAS-FORT WORTH - KelownaMid$38,010.00
DALLAS-FORT WORTH - KelownaLight$28,850.00
Calgary - KelownaHeavy$38,642.83

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