Kazan International Airport

Located in Kazan in the Kazan International Airport is perfectly suited for private charter out of Kazan, . The runway length 12303 ft is suited for any type of private aircraft. The airport operations office is located at Kazan .


Kazan International Airport Runways

RunwayLength (ft)Elevation (ft)
Currently there is no sufficient information.

FBO's at Kazan International Airport

NameAddress TypePhone
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Last 5 Flight Auctions from Kazan International Airport

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Last 5 Price Requests from Kazan

From/ToAircraft TypePrice
Kazan - DubaiLight$28,120.00
Kazan - DubaiTurbo-prop$37,849.60
Kazan - DubaiTurbo-prop$40,709.32
Kazan - SHARJAH, SHARJAH - KazanHeavy$97,650.00
Kazan - SHARJAH, SHARJAH - KazanHeavy$134,925.00

Last 5 Price Requests to Kazan

From/ToAircraft TypePrice
London - KazanHeavy$58,880.00
London - KazanMid$34,719.00
London - KazanLight$26,505.00
Kazan - SHARJAH, SHARJAH - KazanHeavy$97,650.00
SHARJAH - KazanHeavy$44,625.00

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