Our Technology

Alongside providing top-tier customer service, TapJets provides innovative technology that transfers the power from the broker, or any third party and puts the power back into the hands of you - the flier. Essentially, it's like having the very best aviation dealmaker right at your disposal.

Previously, fliers would have to go to their charter broker to find the best deals. While brokers may be able to offer a dozen or so options, TapJets utilizes AI machine learning as well as a dedicated staff to offer hundreds or even thousands of options, based on your preferences. All of this is done in less than one minute.

Precise Route Optimization

Let's face it; the last time you flew private, you likely chalked up a few extra thousand dollars in aviation's biggest profit maker - "extra fees". These can include parking, overnight fees for pilots and airport changes. This is crazy, especially considering the plane wasn't making money (except from your fees) and the pilots were sipping on S. Pellegrino having a bit of a vacation at your expense.

The way around this is routing. No plane should suffer sitting on the ground, and no flier should be forced to chalk up extra fees due to of an inactive aircraft. Our advanced routing platform ensures that while you are at your destination, that aircraft will be going elsewhere, profiting so it doesn't have to profit off of you. This is beneficial to the flier, pilot and crew.

Global Fleet at Your Fingertips

Think of all of the private planes (over 3,000) registered in the US. What if they were connected by one big search engine? And what if you had access to this entire fleet in a moments notice? That is the fundamental change in the industry that TapJets brings to you. Your mobile phone app now has the power to pick the nearest plane that fits your mission.

AI with a Human Touch

Just like the broker or personal assistant knows your preferences, TapJets does too. Our AI technology learns your preferences – so whether it's for leisure or business travel, we understand what you need and can ensure your choices are accounted for in your search results. Our AI learning also applies to your passengers and friends so their preferences can also be met. While we also take pride in our AI and machine learning technology, our dedicated support team offers a human touch to our process, which is another added layer of service for our fliers.

Start to Finish Collaboration

All of this effort would be meaningless if your preferences were lost in translation between all of the people involved in making your trip happen. When we built TapJets we made sure that each person involved in your flight has access to shared information. This includes the reasons why certain decisions are made, allowing for personalized delivery from the moment you book your flight right up until you land. Everyone who handles your flight works from the same information and ensures that your experience is just what you desired.

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