Robert Klumb

Captain Robert Klumb

Founder & EVP of Operations

Mr. Klumb is a 42-year veteran of the aviation industry beginning as a first officer in Frontier Airlines.

Mr. Klumb continued his career with Continental then United Airlines and is a former Chairman of the Pilots Union. He assisted Mr. Kesselman in the growth of TapJets by assuring all requirements by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) were properly met. Robert is also an expert in fleet efficiency optimization and regulatory issues about air carrier operations.

Eugene Kesselman

Eugene Kesselman

Founder & CEO

Mr. Kesselman founded TapJets to revolutionize the way you acquire private air travel.

After 22 years in the Information Technology industry, Eugene has the credentials of delivering enterprise level software products and cloud-based solutions. His technology visionary and executive leadership roles include companies such as Transwestern, SunGard, SAP, Sun Microsystems, and Bank of America.

Bob Hans

Captain Bob Hans

EVP Air-Carrier Safety

Former Captain of United Airlines with 50 years of aviation efficiency and logistics experience.

Before retiring from United Airlines Mr. Hans held a rating in every model of Boeing aircraft, and dozens of corporate jet ratings. As former FAA pilot examiner Captain Hans has given private licenses to over 2,000 aspiring pilots. While at United he worked with leadership to improve operational efficiency and operational controls. Captain Hans brings to TapJets a lifetime of aviation experience and his in-depth knowledge of the industry from the air-carrier perspective and day to day safe operations.

Bo Fan

Bo Fan

EVP of TapJets™ China

Mr. Bo Fan has 30 years of experience in international investments and entrepreneurship. He has extensive multicultural exposures that include working in China, Japan and the United States.

His early career includes Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Itochu Corporation in Tokyo and an international private equity company. Mr. Fan was a member of Houston Mayor's International Trade and Development Council under Mayor Annise Parker.

Andrey Sevidov

Andrey Sevidov

President TapJets™ Russia

Dr. Andrey Sevidov has over 15 years of professional Software Development and project management experience.

Dr. Andrey is a dynamic leader and a visionary with incredible breadth.

Customer Experience

Konstantin Iliushko

Konstantin Iliushko

Executive Director of Operations

With a Masters degree in aviation and economics, at TapJets Konstantin bridges the gap between consumer usability and aviation practicality.

Making the complicated processes in aviation easily accessible by our customers using their mobile app or web takes knowledge of each process required to travel from point a to point b safely. Konstantin takes these complicated processes and converts them into requirements for our technology development team. Every time you use our platform you see this transformation in action.


Dmitry Eryshov

Dmitry Eryshov

EVP of Mobile

Dmitry is a mobile application creation guru with 15 years of experience.

Dmitry has developed over a dozen applications for the travel and hospitality sectors.

Vladimir Shuklin

Vladimir Shuklin


Vladimir has 13 years of hands on experience in enterprise class software development.

Guru of cloud based technologies, big-data analysis and software development that scales to millions of customers makes him a top choice to lead our development team for this highly scalable application.

Ivan Andreev

Ivan Andreev

EVP of Software Development

Dr. Ivan Andreev has over 10 years of professional Software Development experience.

Dr. Ivan Andreev's experience is excellence proven by variety of earned certifications and honors with 8 years as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional among them. Dr. Andreev as a professor and PhD in Computer Science uses scientific approach for development of intellectual software that solves the complexity of aviation logistics.

Elena Kochurova

Elena Kochurova

Director of User Experience

Elena is responsible for the frontend development and customer-centric user experience design of TapJets website.

Elena is the subject matter expert on UX/UI solutions and she ensures that designs by the team keep to a vision of the desired end-to-end user experience. Elena has more than 10 years of user experience and software development.

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