There’s nothing more personal than being there in person. The convenience of chartering a private jet to your next meeting, family vacation, or quick getaway through TapJets is simply unparalleled.

Our private jets can get you anywhere in the country within just a few hours. Forget all the stops and hassles you normally endure to get to some of the nation’s coolest escapes. Rather than deal with long airport security lines, delays, and missed connections every time you travel, become the ruler of the skies. Be there when you want to be there, not when it’s convenient for the major airlines.


Welcome to the ultimate private jet alternative to ownership. At the tap of a finger, a private jet is dispatched to the airport nearest your departure point. At the same time, a car is headed to pick you up from your current location and whisk you to the doorsteps of your jet. TapJets Door2Door service is the first in the industry. When combined with instant aircraft availability, it is only rivaled by having your own private jet all to yourself.

Our system utilizes a fleet of TapJets-operated jets that are regulated under Federal Aviation Administration Operational Specifications and stand ready to be dispatched on a moment’s notice. If a reservation calls for something other than a TapJets aircraft, a qualified and carefully screened and audited charter operator is selected to be there for our clients.

Clear Pricing

Our transparent approach to pricing starts with this simple promise: You only pay for the time you fly. Our pricing for each aircraft type is based on an hourly rate and covers only the time that transpires between engine start and engine shutdown. You are never charged for any repositioning, landing, or airport access fees.

We further elevate our transparency by eliminating the barriers that typically prevent people from becoming a private jet client. There are no initiation, membership, or maintenance fees to pay. Simply pick up your cell phone and select where you want to go and when you need to get there. Pricing is displayed up front and will not change.

Our rates are extremely competitive, especially when everything we include in our service is considered. Download the TapJets app and see for yourself.

TapJets Frequent Flier Points

We would not be an air carrier if we did not offer some kind of frequent flier program.

So here it is:

Silver Members – Fly more than 10 and fewer than 50 hours per year, receive 1/20th of the hours flown toward future travel

Gold Members – Fly 50 or more and fewer than 100 hours per year, receive 1/15th of the hours flown toward future travel

Platinum Members – Fly at least 100 hours per year, receive 1/10th of the hours flown toward future travel

Flight credits do not expire, and there is no limitation on how they can be used. Simply apply your credits toward any flight at the time of flight booking.


With its focus on flexibility, availability, and safety, TapJets offers the perfect option for corporations seeking to outsource their flight department needs or augment the flight department they currently operate. Corporate customers enjoy account control and flexibility while allowing their team members to utilize our fleet of aircraft as needed. With private jets at their disposal, executives and sales professionals can accomplish much more in less time than when they fly commercial airlines―and they’re much more likely to stay on schedule. Your corporate travel department will have direct access to TapJets resources and the ability to execute even the most complex travel plans, and our Door2Door service is unparalleled in streamlining ground logistics. Simply put, we pick you up at your office and place you at your client location as quickly and efficiently as possible. A simple tap on our TapJets app will get you on your way.