Aviation Safety with Zero Tolerance for Errors

Two Pilots, Flight Department, Ground Crews, Weather, and 35,000 moving parts are involved in a jet flight. Ensuring that this mix of variables performs above and beyond Safety Standards and with no Errors is what we have spent over 4,000 person-hours developing. The result is a complete safety report delivered to you before every flight.

Each flight undergoes extreme vetting of the crew, flight conditions, and other safety factors. No human can account for all possible scenarios, but an accurate and systematic analysis of all available information by specially designed software gives you peace of mind.

Below is just a sample of what we scrutinize for each of the questions raised in the pre-flight process.

Aircraft / Partner Selection

Partner Selection

To serve the entire nation, TapJets partners with carriers that share its focus on safety, on-time dispatch, service performance, and spotless safety records. Because these partners provide their aircraft and pilots to transport TapJets clients, we require that they operate under the same standards, regulations, and processes as we do. We also insist that they agree to random safety and line checks performed by TapJets management and qualified Check Airmen.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our partner carriers, please visit the Partners section of this website.