TapJets™ Rewards — eliminates the need to purchase jet card or fractional memberships by allowing our clients direct access to the largest virtual fleet of aircraft operated by top-tier FAA certified air-carriers. There are no membership fees, no upfront fees, and no gimmicks. You simply pay for the time you fly and get rewarded once you reach a certain number of hours for each Rewards tier.


25 hours of flight time (in any aircraft type)

Reward – 1 Reward Hour*

  • As always, guaranteed in-app aircraft pricing and availability
  • Ability to select a specific aircraft model (if more than one is available for your trip)
  • 24x7 Access to our Global Concierge Hotline to assist you with any travel-related matters
  • Ability to trade your FREE hours to any other aircraft category at a fixed exchange rate.


75 hours of flight time (in any aircraft type)

Reward – 4 Reward Hours*

  • All Enthusiast benefits, plus…
  • $100 in ground transportation credits for every flight
  • Guaranteed aircraft availability for special events
  • Early access to our most competitive Flight Auctions


200 hours of flight time (in any aircraft type)

Reward – 12 Reward Hours*

  • All Enthusiast and Aficionado benefits, plus…
  • Free ground transportation to and from airport locations
  • Free catering for every flight over two hours
  • Ability to combine flight reward hours from several travelers in your family or company

TAPJETS™ REWARDS Program Details

REWARDS Program Details

Rules and Conditions: TapJets Rewards Tier eligibility is based on hours flown in one calendar year. Reward hours expire in 24 months from receipt. If you decide to upgrade to a different size of aircraft (or downgrade) hours can be traded based on market value of the flight hours.

Rewards Hours: Rewards Hours are accrued based on your most typically used aircraft type (e.g. if you typically fly midsize jets, your Rewards Hours will be redeemable for midsize flight time. However, we’re giving you the flexibility to transfer your rewards hours at fixed rates if you wish to upgrade and maximize your reward.

*Same aircraft type or trade up to larger type from Propeller, Light Jet, Midsize Jet, or Long-Range Jet