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The time you spent looking for the aircraft, filling out paperwork, and calling to get a status of how your trip is progressing is OVER. You can efficiently use this time to sell more flights and manage more relationships. Think of our platform as a way for you to outsource aircraft sourcing and tracking for a fraction of the cost that you spend on this effort. We are a technology company with the simple goal of optimizing aircraft movement. Our success is based on the number of flights. More flights mean higher utilization for operators.

How It Works

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We partner with Wyvern/Argus audited operators and leverage our supply chain and quoting technology to increase their flight hours dramatically. We used several channels for marketing their aircraft coupled with our proprietary technology that looks at all of the available aircrafts instead of a single operator’s trip proposal. Operators form a virtual fleet that cannot be shopped using traditional methods. In short, we can include two operators in one roundtrip proposal automatically. Think of the power at your fingertips. Oh, and we do it in near-realtime. For more information, please visit

Why Should You Care

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We recognize that as a broker, you excel in customer acquisition and management. But those skills are not producing more revenue when you spend time or resources sourcing for the pair of aircrafts to handle an extended roundtrip or last-minute one-way. You have the opportunity as a long-term solution to outsource this process to a technology partner. We have figured out how to do it efficiently and competitively. However, if you are not ready for the big transition we understand, you can continue to enjoy our benefits by requesting your trips on industry platforms such as Avinode, CharterPad, and Airmail. We would be glad to present our (Powered by TapJets) aircraft via these channels as we receive your requests.

What Does It Mean for You?

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As we continue to increase the size of our virtual fleet that is operated by operators that maybe familiar to you and powered by TapJets private jet route optimization technology, you will see proposals and quotes that are sent out by our platform in response to your Avinode, AirMail, CharterPad, and other B2B sources. These proposals are optimized for route/price competitiveness and can be executed with one-click. Once executed, you will then receive email and text-based notifications, real-time trip sheet access, and our dedicated concierge team to assist with any trip questions.

Any questions? Please call us, and we can share with you the magic and tech that it takes to find the best option in under 30 seconds.